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Shout99 sells IR35 guidance

Contractors group is offering self-employed workers an advice pack to help them through the IR35 jungle
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

IT contractors who are still unsure how the IR35 tax affects them are being offered a pack which aims to explain the new law, and even suggest how a self-employed worker could use IR35 to their advantage.

The information pack includes a transcript of a series of events organised recently by Shout99 -- a Web site which provides news and information for contract workers. The seminars, titled Opportunities from change in the contracting market, consisted of presentations delivered by experienced contractors and legal experts. The seminar packs, which cost £30, contains transcripts of three presentations, plus detailed responses to some of the issues raised in question and answer sessions.

IR35 is a tax law that treats some self-employed workers as salaried employees -- meaning they are subject to higher tax rates and National Insurance contributions. Bodies such as Shout99 and the Professional Contractors Group claim that it unfairly discriminates against contracted workers. However, the government line is that IR35 is intended to stop tax-dodging.

In a legal ruling in April, a high court judge criticised the way that Inland Revenue has enforced IR35, but did not declare the tax illegal as its opponents had hoped.

According to Shout99, the pack gives guidance on how to complete IR35 forms and avoid financial penalties, and includes some relevant case law. There is still confusion as to how IR35 will be implemented, and Shout 99 has assembled some advice as to how this uncertainly could be used to a contractors advantage.

The pack can be ordered from www.shout99.org.

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