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Simon Crosby suggests CIOs and CTOs wake up to a new threat

Commentary on eWeek article "2010 Saw the Dawn of NationState Cyberwars: Citrix CTO"
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Chris Preimesberger of eWeek, just published 2010 Saw the Dawn of Nation-State Cyber Wars: Citrix CTO. Chris had a rather scary conversation with Simon Crosby, CTO for Citrix. Simon let his imagination run a bit and presented a number of things that should be scaring organizations' CIOs and CTOs.

Simon started with the "hyperinnovation" in the client, server and network arenas combined with state-sponsored cyber attacks. He then brought in attitudes most much-to-busy CIOs and CTOs bring to the environment and then suggested that folks wake up to the potential security threats and do something about them. While his statements, as usual, are presented in a rather strong, some would say extreme, way, most of the main points he makes are well taken.

I'd recommend that you take a moment to read Chris' article.

As the new year is posed to begin, it would be a good time for CIOs and CTOs to review what has happened in 2010 and consider what security and management enhancements are needed.

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