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Singapore ISP unveils 2Gbps fiber broadband service

ViewQwest announces its new 2Gbps fiber broadband service to be made commercially available in early-2015, offering the fastest residential internet connection in Singapore.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

ViewQwest has unveiled a new 2Gbps fiber broadband service for households in Singapore, offering the country's fastest internet connection in the market and what it's touting to be the world's first outside of Japan.

In a statement released Wednesday, the local internet service provider (ISP) said the 2Gbps service will be tested among a group of selected customers until year-end, before it is made commercially available in early-2015. 

ViewQwest CEO Vignesa Moorthy said: "Our customers are always connected and are active users of the internet, using it for home entertainment like watching movies and TV shows on their TVs and computers. We know they demand the fastest Internet speeds and reliability, and ViewQwest is proud to be the first in Singapore — and in the world outside of Japan — to have the capability to offer 2Gbps fiber broadband.

"We look to continue leading the way for Singapore's ISPs and pushing the boundaries in terms of our speed and content offerings," he added. 

The new service will also be on demo at the Sitex exhibition show to be held from November 27 to 30, the company said.

ViewQwest further noted that its existing services have been re-packaged into two price plans offering 600Mbps and 1Gbps connectivity, at S$65 and S$89.95 per month, respectively. Both packages include its Freedom VPN service which allows consumers to access geo-restricted international sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. 

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