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SingTel selects CommWorks IP-based fax solution

Singtel has chosen 3Com's CommWorks fax solution to provide its customers with international IP fax messaging services.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor
HONG KONG - 3Com Corporation's Carrier Networks Business today announced that Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel) has selected its CommWorks IP telephony solution to deliver enhanced IP-based fax services to its customers.

SingTel will use the IP-based fax solution to deliver a suite of enhanced fax services to corporate, small business, small office/home office (SOHO) and consumer customers. The addition of the CommWorks IP-based fax solution will allow SingTel and its international partners to broaden the scope of their current fax offerings, opening up new opportunities for revenue generation and creation of additional enhanced services.

"To provide our customers with the very best service, we require an IP-based fax solution that not only delivers a comprehensive suite of services but is versatile enough to add new services quickly and easily in the future," said Lim Eng, SingTel's vice president of corporate products.

Justifying SingTel's choice, he added, " 3Com's fax solution, we believe, addresses both of these criteria. It is a solution which we can thus confidently deploy to all fax users. At the same time, 3Com's impressive product development roadmap will enable us to offer a full range of IP-based services if necessary."

The CommWorks IP Fax Solution

The CommWorks IP fax solution is based on a three-tiered architecture. The top tier includes network-centric and user-centric back-end servers, such as the CommWorks 8200 IP fax server. The middle tier addresses universal signaling via protocol mediation and provides network and service management. The first tier includes the Total Control 1000 media gateway, which integrates diverse traffic types across multiple access networks.

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