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​SK Telecom, Samsung complete handover test between 5G base stations

SK Telecom, South Korea's largest mobile carrier, and Samsung Electronics have successfully tested handover between outdoor 5G base stations at 28GHz.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics have successfully tested handover between 5G base stations at 28GHz in the outdoor environment, the companies announced.

Handover between millimeter wave 5G base stations -- done to maintain seamless connectivity for users moving from one base station coverage area to another -- was a "key technology" to achieve gigabyte data transmission in seconds, the companies said.

The successful outdoor trial verifies the 5G handover technology, the companies said, which will allow operators to connect multiple millimeter wave base stations to their fiber optics infrastructure to achieve the next-generation connectivity speed.

The companies also demonstrated full HD video calls and UHD video streaming on the 5G system. It shows the possibility of large volume, low latency services when 5G is commercialized, they said.

"Through our demonstration of handover between mmWave 5G base stations, we have realized a network environment that is the closest by far to the real 5G network to be created in the future," Cheun Kyungwhoon, EVP and head of Next-Generation Business Team at Samsung, said in a statement.

SK Telecom and Samsung completed the field trial for the 28GHz wave, 5G system back in April. It was first built in August last year.

In July, the two firms commercialized an IoT-dedicated network.

In August, SK Telecom announced that it will cooperate with US carrier Verizon to set 5G spec standards.

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