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Skype rolls out video-messaging beta for non-Microsoft platforms

Skype has added a new video messaging capability to Skype on iOS, Mac and Android. Windows support is coming too... some day.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft's Skype division has rolled out a beta of its new video-messaging capability for Skype on February 15. It works on iOS, Mac and Android versions of Skype.

What about Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Phone? Video-messaging support has not been added on these platforms, and Skype officials are not providing a date as to when it will be, though it supposedly is (at least on Windows and Windows 8, based on what Skype told The Verge).

Yes, Microsoft did buy Skype two years ago. But Skype seems to be continuing to add new features and fixes to any/all of its platforms, regardless of which vendor makes them.

Video Messages, which can be used for online and offline messaging, lets Skype users send up to three minutes of video to each other. According to The Verge, those using Skype for Windows or Windows Phone will receive a link to allow them to view video messages online.

The fact Skype was working on Video Messages has been known since last year. Premium subscribers are expected to be allowed to send an unlimited number of Video Messages, while those using free versions of Skype will be limited in how many video messages they can send and how long they will be retained, according to a leak from last year.

The new feature seems to be working for Skype users in the U.S. and U.K. I've asked Microsoft's Skype division for more details, including more on why there's no Windows support at present. No word back so far.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson said Windows users will get the "send" Video Messages feature in late April. No word on when WP users will get this or why the feature is running behind on Windows. (I asked again.)

Microsoft rolled out updated versions of Skype for Windows and Mac this week. 

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