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Smart grid networking with smart appliances

Smart appliances aware of electric grid demand and prices.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

More information and more efficient use of the electrical grid is clearly a way to save energy and customers' money. So now utlities and large appliance makers are working to get the smart grid to talk to the smart appliances. Like a clothes dryer or dishwasher that waits to run after the electric rates drop overnight.

GE is working with several utlities in smart grid test programs. Reliant Energy and The Vineyard Energy Project join Masdar City and Louisville Gas & Electric as the latest to launch pilot projects using GE‘s smart grid enabled appliances.

Courtesy GE. For a more legible version of this image click here.

How about appliances that really turn themselves off completely? And where are our electric sockets with off/on switches like you find in many parts of Europe? The passive or "phantom" waste of electriciy by home appliances is notoriously pointless. Too many items are in constant syand-by as long as they're plugged-in. Even if the homeowner is on vacation in another country, that toaster or TV is ready to roll at all times.

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