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Smart LED streetlights dim on command, saving more energy

The Amerlux SmartSite intelligent lighting platform also serves as the foundation for public safety, marketing and entertainment applications.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

New Jersey lighting technology company Amerlux is shining the light on its SmartSite intelligent LED street-lighting system.

The lights are targeted at municipalities or commercial sites that are seeking to improve their energy-efficiency. What makes them worth attention are a number of factors, including the fact that they can be remote-controlled via a systems management console and that they can be programmed to dim over the course of an evening. So, for example, in the wee hours of the morning when there is little street activity or in the dawn hours, when they don't need to shine that brightly.

The luminaires used in the system are LEDS, which means they can last a long time while using less energy than traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures. Amerlux estimates that the LEDs last about 50 percent longer than existing technologies, while saving about 25 percent in energy costs.

One thing that differentiates the SmartSite platform is the fact that existing power supplies can be used for a relatively simple retrofit, according to the company. The lights are controlled via a miniature computer and a wireless mesh network that continues to work even if one fixture goes out along a street. (The communications will happen around the affected streetlight.)

SmartSite also allows for other sorts of services, which makes for some rather intriguing possibilities for local governments or commercial real estate managers.

Each full-fledged installation includes a built-in speaker and a duo-band radio with data storage. That means music could be played and synchronized pole-to-pole. A municipality could also outfit the system with LED displays, so that public messages could be displayed. For example, parking instructions could be shown during a festival when certain streets might be closed. Amerlux said the SmartSite system also supports cameras and sensors, so they could be appropriate as the foundation for security services.

Said Frank Diassi, chairman and CEO of Amerlux:

"SmartSite breathes life back into downtown cites and main street villages with an intelligent and comprehensive lighting and media-based wireless network. A multitude of opportunities are available to generate business while reducing energy cost for your organization and community."

SmartSite's applications and management features are discussed further in the video below:

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