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Smartphone dials up GSM and Wi-Fi

T-Mobile will offer an iPaq device that claims smooth roaming between GSM networks and Wi-Fi hot spots
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor
T-Mobile is to offer a smart phone from HP that combines cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The device, to have the model number 6315, is a version of the iPaq that aims to roam smoothly between wide area GSM networks and localised -- though much faster -- Wi-Fi hot spots.

The launch, due to take place today, according to a report in today's WSJ Europe, makes sense for T-Mobile. The Deutsche Telekom mobile arm has not only invested heavily in cellular networks in several countries but also in Wi-Fi, often through partnerships with companies such as Starbucks.

Even the data rates promised by 3G cellular technology fall short of connections on most Wi-Fi networks.

It is thought HP will offer the device in Europe and Asia, though it is not known which operators will become partners. Its launch price will be $499 (£271).

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