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Software Defined Networking: HP has an App Store for that

Hewlett-Packard announces a software-defined networking (SDN) developer kit and app store to go along with it.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

HP is claiming to have the world's first "enterprise-class" SDN open ecosystem after announcing its new HP SDN SDK and HP SDN App Store today.

HP's SDN App Store
HP's SDN App Store(Screenshot: Chris Duckett/ZDNet)

The new App Store allows for customers to browse, purchase, and download SDN applications onto virtual application network SDN controllers. HP says that applications in the SDN app store will be developed by itself, its partners, as well as community developed applications. All apps will have to be approved by HP to make it into the store, with the company looking to ensure that all apps are "enterprise-grade SDN applications".

"Applications are what will drive SDN technology into mainstream networking prominence," said Rohit Mehra, vice president of network infrastructure, IDC.

"The catch 22 is that to innovate through applications requires a large investment in infrastructure to develop, which becomes prohibitive. The advent of an SDN App Store, together with an SDN Developer Kit, makes this an accessible alternative for developers."

Details on the SDK are scant, but it will be a Java-based solution, and is set to arrive in developers hands in early November.

HP partners already registered for the SDN developer kit include Citrix, Intel, Microsoft, PwC, Riverbed, RMIT University, ShoreTel, SAP, Tech Mahindra, VMware, and Websense.

The company also announced that it has added OpenFlow support to 10 more of its routers, which brings the total number of OpenFlow routers to 50.

Over the past month, the languishing tech giant has lost its global accounting chief, its South Pacific head, and the company recently lost out on a lucrative Australian Department of Defence contract worth over AU$500 million.

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