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Sprint may join the Apple iPhone game with some major advantages

The next Apple iPhone may finally be coming to Sprint and if it does they have a few reasons to shout out that they are the best carrier for the iPhone, but coverage may not be one of them.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As Larry reported sources state that Sprint will be getting the Apple iPhone 5 in October. AT&T and Verizon are sure to get the new iPhone model while T-Mobile may not since they are in the process of getting taken over by AT&T and have a special 3G data frequency. Sprint has been like the last kid picked for dodge ball and if this turns out to be true then they may be joining the game with a competitive advantage.

Sprint is the only current major U.S. wireless carrier to still offer true unlimited and unthrottled wireless data and if they can keep this offer in place with an iPhone 5 in hand then they may see people leaving AT&T and Verizon to get an iPhone without worrying about data and also getting some of the best prices around. Sprint also lets you call mobile phones without limit, even on their lower cost 450 minute anytime plan. And finally, they offer unlimited text messaging with most of their calling plans. The bottom line is that Sprint has the best data, voice, and messaging plans and if they then offer one of the best mobile phones available they could be the preferred iPhone carrier.

I doubt we will see LTE or WiMAX 4G in any of these new Apple iPhone devices, but think people won't mind that if they get lower cost unlimited data and messaging with an iPhone 5 and iOS 5 experience. I think it is great news if more carriers get the iPhone as that will help populate the iOS platform for iMessage and other Apple services.

If Sprint gets the Apple iPhone 5 they may also not be so fired up about the AT&T and T-Mobile deal. AT&T has the iPhone now and will get the next version, but many people are not happy with the service they get from AT&T (including me) so having multiple CDMA choices is a good thing.

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