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Sprint Nextel announce 4G data network

Sprint Nextel look to be leading the pack with their announcement of WiMax rollout beginning in 2007. Customers will be able to replace their DSL or cable modem with a wireless router in the next couple years.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer


I have been stuck at 2.5G wireless data, using EDGE, with T-Mobile for several months and there isn't any real hard news on when they will get their 3G network rolled out. As a result, I am receiving my PPC-6700 (HTC Apache) device with EVDO on the Sprint network today as I try out 3G data speeds. Today, Sprint Nextel also announced their plans for 4G wireless data through the use of 802.16e WiMax technology. This 4G rollout is still over a year away, but it great to hear someone announcing solid plans for future wireless high speed data.

Motorola and Samsung were part of today's announcement as they stated they will be providing dual-mode CDMA/WiMax devices using Intel chipsets. Sprint stated their 4G customers will see actualy download speeds of 2-4 Mbps, compared to their 400 to 700 Kbps 3G EVDO network and even slower 144 Kbps 2.5G 1xRTT network. EDGE networks generally see 100-130 Kbps download speeds. Their press release also emphasized the relative low cost of WiMax and I personally look forward to getting high speed access all over the country without needing a DSL or cable connection. Thanks to Phone Scoop for the heads-up on the news.

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