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StarHub to tap social analytics for TV biz in new MediaHub facility

The Singapore telco's upcoming facility will feature a strong push in analytics including enhancing "live" TV production based on real-time social media conversations, and big data collaborations to better understand customers.
Written by Ryan Huang, Contributor

StarHub is making a big push to tap on analytics and synergize its various businesses, with its upcoming facility called MediaHub.

The Singapore second largest telco unveiled details of its new building on Friday, which StarHub dubbed the place for its "future business and innovation".

(L-R) Tan Guong Ching, StarHub's chairman; Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information; Tan Tong Hai, StarHub's CEO, at the groundbreaking ceremony. (credit: StarHub)

A key feature will be the synergy between a social media analytics lab and an adaptive production studio, which will support its pay TV business. These two facilities will work hand-in-hand to enhance "live" TV production based on real-time social media conversations.

"We can monitor the online conversations on all social media platforms. Our content partners will be very interested in this. At one glance, you can tell what viewers are saying about your programs and you can even make adjustments immediately," said Tan Tong Hai, CEO of StarHub, at the groundbreaking ceremony.

For example, StarHub will be able to collect real-time information on what fans are talking about during a football match. "Is the referee being unfair? Is it really an offside? If the commentator mentions fans' reactions at half-time, viewers will be impressed and he will definitely strike a chord with them," added Tan.

Tapping big data to serve various businesses

At MediaHub, the telco will also deploy its SmartHub big data platform across all its networks to process data to better understand customer and social behavior. "With deep customer insights, we will be able to develop more innovative services, and optimize our networks to serve them better," said the CEO.

The platform will support collaborations with institutes of higher learning, startups as well as local and multi-national corporations to create new analytic concepts and business models.

In addition, MediaHub will house StarHub's I3 (Innovation, Investment, Incubation) division formed in February this year, including its showcase of technologies, startup incubation lab and nascent projects.

The facility also doubles up as the telco's first Internet exchange in the western part of Singapore, adding to its current central offices in the central and eastern parts of the island.

The building is located at One-North business park, and will be completed by Q1 2016. 

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