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Startup Spotlight: OnlineFavourites.com

A personalised Web site directory that travels with you
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor
OnlineFavourites.com launched last Monday as Britain's answer to the impersonal nature of mobile Web browsing. After taking time to customise your Web navigator at home, wouldn't it be nice if you could take your preferences with you round the globe? This week-old site is designed to build a tailored portal from your bookmarks that can be accessed from wherever you are logging on -- be it your friend's PC or an Internet cafe in Bombay. The Online Favourites applet will appear on your screen when you log on to the site, and will display a drop-down menu of the web addresses for all of your favourite sites under an organised filing system. Only the registered user can access their specific applet -- private bookmarks can be saved under password. The applet remains active on screen without the user having to be connected to the Internet. Aside from removing the hassle of writing down lengthy URLs, there is also the potential for creating affinity groups from the information that is collated. This could enable companies to create a corporate group of Web sites that they particularly recommend for their employees to use, or allow onlinefavourites.com to identify prototype groups based on the interests and geography of their users. Tim Ellis, founder of Online Favourites, believes that "the wireless market is one of the missing links of the Internet, as it links geographical information with the Web". Out of the nineteen million Internet users within the UK, a recent report by IDC discovered that twenty-six per cent are logging on from more than one place. Customised web browsers that roam with you could soon be the norm. The site: OnlineFavourites.com
What it does: A free service that allows you to store, edit and retrieve all your favourite web addresses from any computer anywhere in the world.
Who it's for: E-travellers who don't like to be parted from their bookmarks.
Why the net?: Where else would you find people unwilling to write things down?!
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