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Sun adds mobile synchronization software

Licensing deal with Synchronica will allow mobile device synchronization in Sun's communications and application platform suites.
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Sun is to incorporate mobile synchronization capabilities into its communications and applications platform suites, after it signed a licensing deal with Synchronica.

Mobile synchronization and device management company Synchronica produces a mobile gateway system, key components of which will be added into Sun's Java System Communications Suite and Java System Application Platform Suite. Sun claims that its communications suite, which beefs up messaging and collaboration functionality, is currently used in 240 million e-mail boxes.

Sun will add mobile synchronization to its suite by using the SyncML synchronization engine--an open standard used in many mobile handsets, including those from Nokia and BlackBerry together with the back-end connectors in Synchronica's mobile gateway product. Synchronica's SyncML clients will be used to support Windows Mobile and Palm OS handsets, while over-the-air configuration of mobile devices will also be enabled.

"This relationship extends Sun's reach beyond the already-wide range of supported desktop clients to a large number of mobile devices," said Sun's vice president of software infrastructure, Karen Tegan Padir, on Monday. "This collaboration also enables our application server developers to build feature-rich and scalable mobile applications that support both connected and disconnected operations."

At the time of writing, Sun did not confirm when the Synchronica functionality would be available.

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