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Survey finds PCs more popular than mobiles

We love the PC more than the mobile, official
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

The great British public prefers PCs to mobile phones according to a lifestyle survey published Wednesday.

The Wealth of the Nation report -- conducted by Mintel -- found that we are twice as likely to depend on our computers than our mobiles. The PC is now regarded as an essential household item, while mobile phones are seen as a mere accessory.

Just 12 percent of the 2000 people surveyed regarded mobile phones as an essential item, compared to 20 percent who said they couldn't live without their PCs.

This is partly due to the increased popularity of working from home. The survey estimates that SOHO (small office home office) sector is now worth over £2bn. "PCs are becoming more important as more people work from home," said Shaheed Alam, a Mintel statistician. "People do find mobiles useful but they don't see them as vital compared to PCs." Despite the increasing move to drive the Internet onto mobiles, Alam believes PCs will stay the most popular way to connect to the Net in the next four years. "PCs will always have a place," he said.

The market for PCs, DVD players and other household electronic appliances is set to boom, increasing by 55 percent in the next five years according to the survey. Computer games are still proving a popular leisure activity. Sales have grown by a huge 75 percent in the last five years.

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