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Symbian: Mobile Linux threat 'shrinking'

Still at the Symbian Smartphone Show...Earlier this year a Symbian exec told ZDNet.
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Still at the Symbian Smartphone Show...

Earlier this year a Symbian exec told ZDNet.co.uk that mobile Linux was "fragmentation city" and therefore not much of a threat. So, does Nigel Clifford, Symbian's CEO, still think this is true?

"We see Linux in the devices we compete for shrinking quarter by quarter," he said to astonished murmurs at a press conference a moment ago. "I agree there is fragmentation. We do offer that quality assured one stop shop for people to take a battle-hardened OS..." (etc etc).

He's right about the fragmentation, to some extent, but companies like ARM - which does a lot of work with Symbian too - are doing their damnedest to prove him wrong...

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