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Synchronica offers push email for low-end phones

The mobile-device management firm has released a tool to let enterprises roll out push email for low-end handsets
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Synchronica has released a tool for organisations that want to roll out push email to low-end phones as well as smartphones.

The mobile-synchronisation and device-management firm announced Synchronica Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition on Wednesday. The tool allows companies to offer push and pull email to devices over the air, and also allows the synchronisation of contacts, calendars, notes and tasks between the handsets and company servers.

Push email involves the server routing emails to the user's handset almost immediately, whereas pull email involves the user choosing to download waiting emails to the handset. In reality, push email is a form of pull email, as the server is constantly polled to check for new mail. Push email is most prevalent on smartphones, such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Nokia Series 60 handsets.

"We felt there was a gap in the market for a low-cost, business-grade mobile email and synchronisation solution that could be installed on the corporate network and managed internally as an alternative to a hosted solution," Synchronica chief executive Carsten Brinkschulte said in a statement.

According to Synchronica, Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition is already being deployed by an unspecified "major Indian bank" for 10,000 employees in its middle and junior management tiers.

The product is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Sun's Java Communications Suite and Imap/POP3 email back-ends. It uses the Push Imap standard for mobile email and SyncML for contact and calendar synchronisation.

An administration portal is used to provision handsets and apply individual and group policies. SSL encryption is used for security.

According to a spokesman for Synchronica, the company is targeting firms that do not want to upgrade their workforce's handsets to smartphones in the present economic climate.

"We traditionally sell mobile email products to mobile operators in emerging markets," the spokesman said. "Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition has the same core strengths as our traditional mobile gateway product. It will work with practically any mobile device, from Nokia Series 40 to more sophisticated smartphones such as Windows Mobile devices."

The spokesman added, however, that Windows Mobile users would need to download a special client to use Synchronica's product, as the platform does not fully support the SyncML standard used in Mobile Gateway for email synchronisation.

Synchronica's Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition is available now with a free trial, and prices going from €440 (£380) for five licences to €1,773 for 25 licences.

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