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Tandberg releases HD videoconferencing kit

The company's new Profile products offer 'telepresence-quality' high-definition videoconferencing, Tandberg has claimed
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Tandberg has announced Profile, a new range of 1,080-pixel high-definition videoconferencing systems.

Tandberg chief executive Fredrik Halvorsen said in a statement on Wednesday that such systems fitted the current economic climate. "With reduced budgets and a heightened need for communication, many executives are turning to telepresence to replace travel," he said.

The system comes in three configurations: one 42-inch screen; one 52-inch screen; and one dual 52-inch screen, and al have full duplex audio and a 1,080-pixel camera. According to Tandberg, Profile is compatible with any "standards-compliant" videoconferencing or telepresence system.

The engine behind Profile is Tandberg's Codec C60, also announced on Wednesday. The codec, which uses the same underlying technology as Tandberg's Codec C90 unit, allows up to four microphones and four HD video sources to connect simultaneously.

Tandberg's rivals in the field of high-definition videoconferencing equipment include companies such as Lifesize, Cisco and Polycom.

As yet, the company has released only European pricing for three of its new products, although a spokesperson told ZDNet UK on Friday that full, UK-specific pricing would follow next week. The Codec C60 costs €19,600 (£17,400), the single-screen 52-inch option costs €40,200 (£35,700) and the dual-screen 52-inch option costs €50,900 (£45,200).

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