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Teen Web site will feature pop queen Britney

Britney Spears of "hit me baby one more time" fame has entered the frantic world of ISPs -- and seems pretty sussed about e-commerce
Written by Rachel Munro, Contributor

Britney Spears, currently number one in the global pop charts, will be the first pop star to work as an official Web 'hostess'. She will be hosting new Canadian teen site Youtopia.com.

The site, to launch in early spring of next year, will offer teens the opportunity to have virtual parties, see and chat about new clothes and play games.

In the US, celebrity endorsement of web sites is commonplace, and deals can be as substantial as those for traditional endorsement arrangements.

But in this case, Spears has agreed to be paid in Youtopia.com shares, showing confidence in the e-commerce market.

"Perhaps if Britney is backing the future of the online world then the traders and dealers of London and New York should renew their confidence in the tech stock markets," says itn.co.uk.

Take me to the e-commerce special.

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