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Telstra switches on global video delivery platform

On the back of its Ooyala acquisition, Telstra has continued its push to become a global technology company with the launch of a new video distribution network known as Global Media Switch.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

Telstra is targeting digital video distribution with the launch of its new video platform, Global Media Switch.

The launch builds on Telstra's $270 million investment in Ooyala last year, which saw the Australian telco giant take a controlling stake in the video-streaming and analytics company.

Telstra's site indicates that the service is targeted at broadcasters and content providers in the Asia-Pacific region, with a flat monthly rate for all the network and video-streaming equipment required for streaming content locally. Telstra boasts that the service has low latency, access to the Stanley Satellite Earth Station in Hong Kong, and international connectivity via satellite, IP, and subsea cable networks.

Telstra Global Enterprise and Services director of marketing Jim Clarke described the product as "codecs as a service".

"With new models of on-demand consumption and audience fragmentation, media companies have had to make some substantial changes to the way they acquire, distribute, and manage media assets," Clarke said in a statement.

"With the Global Media Switch web portal, video contributors can take direct control of service booking, scheduling, and delivery to broadcasters themselves in a cost-effective way, and even advertise content to other media providers to further maximise revenues."

On Monday, Telstra also announced that it had upgraded its subsea cable connectivity to 100Gbps, which in part would help cope with the demand for high-definition video services that require higher bandwidth.

The 100G wavelength service is available across Telstra's Asia-America Gateway, Reach North Asia Lop, Telstra Endeavour, the Australia-Japan cable, and UNITY cable systems.

"The move to 100G is much more than just raw capacity. Alongside enhanced efficiency, 100G can help customers reduce operational expenditure and simplify network maintenance thanks to the service's ability to consolidate bandwidths. It is also flexible enough to meet the requirements of most cable companies by offering landing station and point of presence options, too," Telstra Global Enterprises and Services chief operating officer Darrin Webb said.

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