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The A-Z of ebusiness (Q-R)

Your essential guide to all the latest buzzwords...
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

Your essential guide to all the latest buzzwords...

In computer terms, this is what is entered by a user into a search engine (such as Altavista, Yahoo or Google) but can also be applied to any kind of database search. RAM
Random Access Memory. This is where programs currently in use by a computer are kept. If you turn a computer off, RAM loses its data and this must be reloaded from a disk drive, CD-ROM, etc.. RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
A RDBMS is a program that allows you to create, update, query and manage a Relational Database (examples include Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle). Real Time Streaming Protocol
A protocol allowing a user to see or hear multimedia presentations immediately. Prior to the invention of these protocols, a user would have to download an entire multimedia file prior to seeing or hearing it. RealAudio
A proprietary standard Real Time Streaming Protocol, allowing internet users to listen to audio and watch video over the internet. RealPlayer and RealAudio are trademarks of RealNetworks. Relational Database
A relational database is a database that is organised into a number of tables. The data in the database is connected via common 'fields' (or segments of data) between each of the tables. Relationship Marketing
The ongoing process of identifying and creating new value with individual customers over the lifetime of a relationship in a bid to prolong the relationship with each customer, using marketing strategies based on segmenting the customer database and customising marketing messages to each of those segments (see also CRM). Replication
In relation to computers, is a process where multiple copies are made of data. This may be for backup purposes, for improving performance (for example, allowing users to access data over a number of replicated servers), or so that the data is held in more than one geographic location. Reporting
Reporting technology allows a website owner to monitor and receive reports on visitor behaviour, for example the length of time between successive visits to a website or the number of pages a visitor is exposed to on a website during a visit. Some products allow user reporting in multiple server, email and web environments. Repository
In computer terms, is a place where data is kept. Return Path
A two-way communications link between a user and the interactive content provider. The return path is typically a modem attached to a telephone line. Roaming
A service that allows users on one mobile network to 'roam' on a foreign network by using mobile phones aboard. This requires the network operator to have a 'roaming contract' with network providers in other countries. Roaming can also refer to GSM calls on UMTS networks once available. Robot
A machine that is designed to undertake tasks automatically with accuracy and precision. Generally, such tasks are repetitive though robots are distinguishable from other machines as they use sensors for semi-intelligent tasks. Some programs that perform automated tasks are referred to as robots or 'bots'. ROI
Return on investment. The amount spent on a product or service such as a marketing campaign, compared to the amount generated by it. For example if a marketing campaign costs £10,000 and generates £20,000 profit, the ROI is £10,000 or 100 per cent. Click here for the full index: http://www.silicon.com/a55850
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