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The Telstra and Trujillo show

roundup The nation's largest carrier this week said Solomon Trujillo will replace Ziggy Switkowski as its new chief executive.The 53-year-old American will commence work on July 1.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor
roundup The nation's largest carrier this week said Solomon Trujillo will replace Ziggy Switkowski as its new chief executive.

The 53-year-old American will commence work on July 1. His career in telecommunications began in 1974 as a business forecaster for Mountain Bell -- which later became US West.

Trujillo retired as US West Chairman and CEO when the company merged with Qwest Communications in 2000. Three years later, he landed the top job at European mobile phone company Orange.

Telstra's board, management and controlling stakeholder -- the federal government -- have high hopes that Trujillo will bring home the bacon: all to the tune of AU$30 billion for the carrier's sale.

Telstra services could cost more, says Trujillo
news Incoming Telstra chief executive Solomon Trujillo is promising better services for rural Australians but also says prices could rise if the telco's services improve.
Published June 11, 2005

Trujillo's got six months: analysts
news It would take at least six months to assess whether Solomon Trujillo, the new chief executive of Telstra, was really the right man for the job, analysts said today.
Published June 10, 2005

Telstra: Trujillo to keep one foreign board post
newsThe telco says new top dog Solomon Trujillo will choose -- in conjunction with its board -- which one of his current directorships at Pepsi, Target, EDS and newspaper chain Gannett he will retain.
Published June 10, 2005

Cometh the sale, cometh the man
commentarySolomon (Sol) Trujillo comes to the senior executive position at Australia's largest telecommunications player at a pivotal point in its history.
Published June 10, 2005

Trujillo appointed Telstra CEO
newsAs expected, Solomon Trujillo has been appointed the new CEO of Telstra.
Published June 9, 2005

Telstra board to meet amid talk of new CEO
newsAn offshore candidate is firming as the likely successor to outgoing Telstra chief executive Ziggy Switkowski as the national telco's board prepares to meet.
Published June 9, 2005

In other news

Telstra reaches Internet subscriber milestone
newsTelstra today said take-up of its BigPond fixed line broadband offering was continuing to grow rapidly and confirmed the company planned to move into the wireless broadband market in the near future.
Published June 9, 2005

Telstra accused of intimidation
newsTelstra has been accused of trying to intimidate its smaller rivals by forcing the competition watchdog to hand over complaints it has received about the telco giant.
Published June 1, 2005

Telstra to 'smooth' low-income bills ... finally
newsAn optional Telstra feature implemented three years after it was announced will spread the estimated total cost of phone bills.
Published May 26, 2005

Coonan considers relaxing Telstra rules
newsCommunications Minister Helen Coonan says she will consider calls by Telstra for the government to relax regulatory rules in exchange for it splitting its retail and wholesale businesses.
Published May 25, 2005

Use Telstra sale proceeds for optical fibre
newsDeputy Prime Minister John Anderson says the federal government should consider spending part of the AU$34 billion it will reap from Telstra's sale to build an fibre-optic network.
Published May 12, 2005

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