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The Vega portable Windows computer not quite as bright as the star

Ultra portables seem to be all the rage now, but they keep getting released without wireless functionality. The UMPC platform includes wireless radios and these other devices need to get it together to compete and improve the portable landscape.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

While I do a lot of work at home on my MacBook Pro, the Samsung Q1 is my constant traveling companion that lets me get it all done without breaking my back. I am quite a fan of the UMPC platform as it combines full Windows XP Tablet PC features in a small slate form factor. There other small Windows machines (ultra portable PCs) like the OQO and Sony VAIO UX series, but these are not Microsoft Origami (UMPC) devices because do not have the same required specs to be considered a UMPC. However, they are still cool devices that fill the needs of people looking for a portable solution.

The latest device looks to be the Vega. As you can see in the photos, the Vega is quite small with a 4.3 inch display and dimensions of 160 x 80 x 27.5mm and 480 grams. I tried the Sony VAIO UX50 for a few days and found that display size to be too small to function in Windows and think the 7 inch Samsung Q1 UMPC size is perfect, although a bit higher resolution would be better. The Vega does not run the Tablet PC OS, which I think is one of the biggest strengths of the UMPC devices. Other specs on the Vega include an AMD Geode processor, 256MB RAM, and 30GB hard drive. It looks like one glaring omission, that is also missing from the DualCor cPC, is an integrated Bluetooth or WiFi radio. There have been explanations stated that this then gives the buyer a choice, but I find that unacceptable and any mobile device must come with at least Bluetooth and most often WiFi to be considered a viable, functional device. You can't expect customers to buy and then carry around USB adapters to add wireless functionality.

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