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This List Goes to Eleven: The Top Tech Broiler Posts of 2010

In 2010, Tech Broiler became a legendary rockin’ group of three. Here’s our eleven most “Amped up” articles of the year.
Written by Jason Perlow, Senior Contributing Writer

In 2010, Tech Broiler became a legendary rockin’ group of three. Here’s our eleven most “Amped Up” articles of the year.

The Next Generation iPad and What Apple Needs to Deliver

The iPad was clearly one of the most popular subjects on Tech Broiler and all of ZDNet for 2010 -- and the number one article on Tech Broiler was about what we might be looking forward to in the next model in 2011.

iPad at Work: The Essential Guide for Business Users

If you do buy an iPad and decide to bring it into work, what the heck do you actually do with it?

iPad versus Kindle: Which is the Better e-Reader?

iPad or Kindle? Day reading or Night reading? We put Apple’s hottest product of 2010 against Amazon’s hottest-selling product of 2010 to determine which was the superior e-Reading platform. The results were a bit surprising.

ePub: The Final Barrier for Kindle Adoption

What will it take for Amazon to finally convince me and millions of other hold-outs to finally buy a Kindle? The answer is the open ePub e-book format.

Samsung Galaxy Tab: iPad Rival or Handheld Computer?

Is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab truly a rival to Apple’s iPad, or is it more of a handheld computer than a true tablet?

If iPhone Comes to Verizon: We Got Answers

Speculation is abound about what happens when the iPhone finally hits America’s best wireless carrier. We’ve actually given it some thought as to what the possible outcomes may be.

Wikileaks: How our Government IT Failed Us

The release of 250,000 State Department cables didn't happen due to a design fault or an insecure secret government computer network -- it was lax and inconsistent IT policies applied in the field.

Downgrading Your Computer: Why Less is More (By Scott Raymond)

In for the last 30 years in Personal Computing, it’s constantly been a pursuit of more. More processing power, more RAM, more storage. So why go with less? Scott Raymond, who joined our team in the spring of 2010, explains why.

The Tech Scares That Weren't: Urban Myths of Technology (by Scott Raymond)

There are many well-established myths about technology that require debunking. Scott Raymond brings you up to speed.

FaceBook and Adult Social Networking: A Dream That's All Wet (by Violet Blue)

Violet Blue, who joined our motley crew at the end of the year, talks about her dreams for the ideal Social Networking site  -- one that includes sexy options for Adults.

Gifts That Keep on Giving: Offbeat Gadgets, Toys and Tech (by Violet Blue)

Violet may be racy all the time, but the girl isn’t always about Steamy. She can talk the Geek too. Here’s her 2010 holiday gift picks that turned her on this season.

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