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Thus takes the biscuit with Burton's network deal

Written by Jo Best, Contributor


Burton's Foods, the biscuit maker behind the likes of Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels, will be getting a new communications infrastructure later this year.

The company will be moving onto Thus' next-generation network following the expiry of a contract it held with Your Communications, acquired by Thus in 2006.

After talking to a number of suppliers, Burton's settled on Thus chiefly for cost reasons, according to the company's head of IS Alan Towersey.

"We got quite a long way down the track with one particularly large organisation but it became apparent that on a lifecycle cost basis for this project, there was really only one way to go," he told silicon.com.

Thus is to supply Burton's with a data network using an MPLS IP VPN, covering at least 10 sites including a datacentre. The biscuit baker was already using a MPLS network during its time with Your Communications, so the move "technically won't be a huge change for us", according to Towersey.

The migration is expected to be completed by June. In the future, the network could support VoIP and more use of videoconferencing at the company.

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