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TweetDeck launches Deck.ly: Are real conversations on Twitter too challenging?

TweetDeck recently launched Deck.ly, their answer to tweeting beyond 140 characters.
Written by Robin Harris, Contributor

When Twitter first came out, I had wondered how easily people would be able to fragment their thoughts and conversations so that it would be useful. I think the fact that we were using SMS for so long pre-social media helped to shoehorn us communication-wise into the Twittersphere fairly easily.

It seems though like there's always a struggle with Twitter. While the social media tagline 'join the conversation' has been beaten to a bloggy pulp when referring to Twitter and other tools, a lot of times on Twitter it can feel more like 'join the conversation in a fragmented herding cats sort of way' when others jump in and start participating. For the same reason that I take certain conversations off of SMS and onto a real phone call, a few tools have surfaced that allow us wordy conversationalists to enjoy the fruits of Twitter while being able to elaborate with more character breathing room.

Sites like Twitlonger.com didn't crop up for the hell of it. Recently TweetDeck has joined the verbose side of micro-blogging with their recent launch of Deck.ly, their solution for the not-so-concise. Currently it is available as a desktop app, for Android, and Chrome with support for iPhone and iPad on the way.

I guess the bigger question here is, with all these different communication channels now available to us and with way less time being spent on email, are we on a constant quest to create a new tool for every possible niche communication use case (we wanna be on Twitter but not have a character limit) or are we just suckers for new apps?

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