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UB Networks switches to fast lane

UB Networks today brought its GeoLan/500 hub up to speed with a series of low-price internetworking products.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

A 12-port 100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet Concentrator (£290 + VAT per port) will be available from the end of this month, with a 16-port auto-sensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet switch (£496 + VAT per port) and a 24-port 10Base-T desktop Ethernet switch (£205 + VAT per port) following from December.

Two-port ATM and FDDI high-speed uplinks (£6,600 + VAT per port) will be available from February 1997. A GeoBus backplane is now included in the GeoLan/500 chassis, providing 34.7Gbit bandwidth for 10- and 100Mbits/sec switching.

"The high density and low price-per-port of the Fast Ethernet switch will mean companies will switch to full Ethernet," said Steve Brigden, UK product marketing manager at UB.

UB can be contacted by telephone on 01628-828300.

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