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Umax stands firm on Mac platform

Umax this week announced a series of keenly-priced entry-level Macintosh clones.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The Apus 2000 desktop and Apus 3000 mini-tower systems are based on PowerPC 603e RISC chips ranging between 120MHz and 240MHz. An Apus 2000 with 120MHz processor, 16Mb RAM, 256Kb L2 cache, 850Mb hard drive, eight-speed CD-ROM drive, SCSI-2 bus and 16-bit and surround sound costs £950 + VAT.

At the top of the range, an Apus 3000 with 240MHz processor, a similar specification to the Apus 2000 but with an additional 3D graphics card and 2.1Gb hard drive, costs £2,000 + VAT. Prices do not include monitors.

IMC, distrubutor for Apus, can be contacted by telephone on 01344-872800.

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