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Verizon connects to Chinese network

U.S. telco will leverage China Telecom's CN2 next-generation network to support its business customers in the Asian nation.
Written by Victoria Ho, Contributor

Verizon Business has been granted access to China Telecom's next-generation IP network, CN2 (Next Generation Carrying Network), allowing the U.S. telco a platform to support its enterprise customers in China.

The partnership etches a connection between Verizon's own IP network and the CN2, which covers over 200 cities and 600 routers across the Asian country. China Telecom's ISP (Internet service provider) business arm, ChinaNet, boasts a customer base of 35 million.

China's local enterprises are growing significantly in terms of market size and footprint, said Andrew Dobbins, Verizon Business regional vice president for Asia-Pacific. An increasing number of foreign corporations are also setting up headquarters in the country, Dobbins told ZDNet Asia, on the sidelines of a media briefing today.

These industry trends, he said, are driving demand for faster and more secure connections across China.

Dobbins told ZDNet Asia: "We're starting to see more cash-rich Chinese companies acquiring Western ones and growing very fast."

John Doherty, Verizon Business' vice president for strategy and finance, added that this focus on China's growing market has created a strong demand for a higher quality of network service in the country. "Traffic is moving back to Asia," Doherty said.

Access to the CN2 will allow Verizon to extend its services currently delivered over its IP network directly to the Chinese market, according to the U.S. telco.

Launched in 2004, the CN2 has backbone core nodes in seven Chinese cities including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

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