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Vodafone opens up data sharing to businesses

Vodafone Australia will allow its business customers to share up to 150GB of data across their fleet of mobiles under new plans launched today.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

Vodafone has launched a new set of business mobile plans that include the AU$5 international roaming option, and data sharing across the mobile fleet.

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The new plans start at AU$135 per month for 3GB of data with between two and three users, and go up to AU$4,500 per month for between two and 100 users bringing their own devices on a 12-month contract.

For customers seeking devices to go with the plans, Vodafone offers a set tech fund for customers to purchase new devices. The 24-month contracts range from between AU$150 per month for two to three users, with 3GB of data and AU$750 in the tech fund, right up to AU$6,500 per month with 150GB, and AU$50,000 in the tech fund for between two and 100 users.

Businesses can add users to each plan for AU$45 each per month, or they can also get extra data SIMs for tablet devices or mobile broadband devices for AU$10 per SIM per month.

Additional data is also available, with share packs ranging from AU$20 for 2GB extra per month, up to AU$500 for an additional 100GB per month.

The business plans also include the same AU$5 per day roaming option that allows Australian customers to use their mobile service in 46 countries across the world the same as if they were still in Australia.

It comes as Vodafone is using its new roaming plans to argue against legislation that introduces new global roaming standards onto the mobile telecommunications companies. In Vodafone's submission (PDF) to the Department of Communications' red tape review, the telco argued that it represented an "unnecessary burden on business".

"We recognise that the regulation was only enacted this year, but given the market has changed significantly, it should now be repealed or the burdensome elements of the standard should be substantially revised."

The new plans represent Vodafone's first major push back into the business market in the last few years since the overhaul of its 3G network and the launch of its 4G network.

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