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Vodafone picks up 4G rollout pace

Vodafone expects to add 100 new 4G sites each month across Australia, with hopes to ramp it up to 300 each month later in the year.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

Vodafone Australia is accelerating the rollout of its 4G network, with the company announcing that it will be adding more than 100 new 4G sites across the country each month.

Vodafone CTO Benoit Hanssen said that as part of the company's commitment to deliver a fast, reliable network, the company plans to eventually ramp the numbers up to 300 per month later in the year.

"People who have yet to try 4G and are used to using broadband mostly at home will be surprised at just how fast 4G data can be. It's the ultimate browsing experience for smartphones and tablets," he said.

Based on a speed test research by Ookla, Vodafone's 4G speed averaged nearly 45Mbps in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane in February, which is higher than Telstra and Optus, which averaged only 42Mbps and 43Mbps, respectively, and in fewer cities.

"Our customers from capital cities right around Australia are telling us they love our new 4G network," said Hanssen.

"What speed means to them in practical terms is faster browsing on the internet, being able to stream video and music with ease, browse news, and use social media apps to their heart's content."

Vodafone has also announced that it will be doubling its customers' data allowance with the launch of its Double Data offer for its new and existing customers.

Customers joining or upgrading their current plans to a 12- or 24-month AU$65 Vodafone Red Plan and above before April 29, 2014, will receive double the amount of data for the life of their contracts.

Vodafone is also offering those not on contracts access to the Double Data offer on month-to-month Red SIM Only options from AU$35 and above. The offer will expire by the end of April.

Vodafone said the decision to increase its data allowance will enable its customers to fully enjoy the company's 4G network. It also means, in some cases, that its Double Data offer will triple the value of other providers. For example, on an AU$100 Vodafone Red plan, customers can get 10GB of data, which is double the usual 5GB.

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