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Vodafone targets companies' mobile black spots with enterprise version of Sure Signal

Vodafone is looking to take Sure Signal into businesses with the launch of beefed up version of the femotcell service.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Vodafone is taking its femtocell service Sure Signal into the enterprise.

The enterprise Sure Signal model.
The enterprise Sure Signal model. Image: Vodafone

The company on Monday announced Sure Signal Premium, which is aimed at businesses with 320 seats or more and more than 3200 square metres of office space.

The Sure Signal service works to improve in-building mobile coverage by using femtocells — mini base stations — to route mobile traffic over a broadband connection.

According to Vodafone, Sure Signal Premium can be set up in a similar manner to a wi-fi network, and will self-configure.

Vodafone's consumer incarnation of the product, Sure Signal, has been around for a number of years.

The current generation of the Sure Signal femotcell can be bought for £100 upfront and can support up to 32 individual users and eight concurrent phone calls.

Its enterprise equivalent can cope with 2,500 users and has a 20Mbps throughput.

While the consumer version offers 3G support, business users will get 4G too. And, unlike the consumer Sure Signal, corporate users won't be expected to install the Ethernet-fed femtocells.

Vodafone has yet to give any pricing for the product.

Sure Signal Premium will be available from the middle of this year.

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