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Volume bug detected in Galaxy Nexus

Users of Samsung's smartphone, powered by Google's latest Android 4.0 operating system, complains of "unexplained" volume changes, and bug has been acknowledged by both companies, states report.
Written by Ellyne Phneah, Contributor

Both Google and Samsung have acknowleged that there are volume issues with the Galaxy Nexus flagshop mobile phone, which is the first to feature the Android 4.0 operating system, following complaints on user forums, the BBC reported.

In a report on Thursday, the British news agency pointed out that users of the smartphone, which is currently only available in United Kingdom and is scheduled to go on sale in the United States in December, have experienced unexplained and random volume changes.

One user, Damian M, had posted on Google's Android user forum saying the volume drops to nothing "seeming at random" and that the volume control would become "unresponsive" for a few seconds. 

Samsung said in the report that it is aware of the problem and will offer a fix, but it did not say when. "Regarding the Galaxy Nexus, we are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible," it said in a statement.

Google issued an almost identical statement, BBC added.

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