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Website leaks Terra Lycos pay details

Oh dear, oh dear - how embarrassing...
Written by Will Sturgeon, Contributor

Oh dear, oh dear - how embarrassing...

An internal document listing the salaries of more than 450 employees at ISP Terra Lycos has been leaked by a website - forcing red-faced bosses to block employees' access to the site. The document, which shows the names and salaries of 467 Terra Lycos staff members in alphabetical order, appeared on Wednesday at InternalMemos.com, which specialises in going public with such leaks. The site's founder Phil Kaplan said he received several anonymous submissions of the list, and within the same day, Terra Lycos imposed a block so that its employees couldn't access the site to compare salaries. However, the censorship may only have served to publicise the leak. Kaplan said: "The more people that block the site, the [more the] traffic goes up and up and up. There's no better PR than a company saying, 'I forbid you to go to this Web site'." Stefanie Olsen writes for News.com
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