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What Vonage customers care about most

I'm big on dates- the milestone variety. (I could tell you about dates- the "millstone" variety-but only over a beer).
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

I'm big on dates- the milestone variety. (I could tell you about dates- the "millstone" variety-but only over a beer).

Just went back over the archives of this blog. I found an entry from exactly a year ago entitled "What Vonage customers care about."

I wrote this entry after going to the independently owned and operated Vonage Forum and reading various lists that rank the most read news stories and reviews. Given that this Forum tends to attract the most interested of Vonage users, a list of this Forum's most read news stories is a pretty accurate indicator of what concerns these folks.

And there are a lot of these folks. On a typical day, the Vonage Forum gets 35,000 to 40,000 page views. Since the Forum's inception in March, 2003, some 19,650 Members have joined.

A year has passed, and a lot of water has flowed under the VoIP bridge. With that in mind, I thought I would check the "TOP" area again to see what Vonage customers care about these days. Here, then, are are the top five most read news stories on the Vonage Forum, and a bit about each:

1- Vonage, Wimax Provider Team Up - (22856 reads). A story about WiMax provider TowerStream selling Vonage plans;

2- Today's Stock Watch is for SkyFrames, Inc. (OTCBB: SKYU) - (12238 reads). An older piece about the joint effort between SkyFrames and Vonage to sell VoIP access to U.S. troops deployed in Iraq;

3- Vonage Testing Mobile VoIP Service Routers - (4388 reads). Story about a new Linksys Wi-Fi router that could be used with Vonage service.

4- Vonage Commercials - The 'Woo Hoo' Grows On You - (4061 reads).  A story about how and why Vonage's mostly funny tv ads "cut through the clutter...."

5- Vonage IPO? VCs Say Vonage Will Go Public This Year - (3580 reads). A brief piece that uses examples of recent technology sector Initial Public Offerings, the role venture capitalists played in those IPOs, and what these cases tell us about the liklihood of Vonage going the same way and becoming a public company.

The most widely read review, incidentally, is Vonage Pros and Cons, which as 42,550 reads to date.

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