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Why we WAP: The wireless Internet revolution

WAP is vying to bring the Internet to the wireless masses
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

Will WAP really take off -- and will it be the ongoing standard for the wireless Internet? The field is split between two camps: the industry giants who form the WAP Forum, and those who use their own methods for connecting wireless devices to the Net.


WAP Forum CEO Scott Goldman on why WAP will be around for years to come

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More background on WAP


WAP industry grapples with security concerns - Thu, 25 May 2000

There's a known security hole and end-to-end encryption is hard to find

Next e-security threat: Mobile phones - Mon, 15 May 2000

Today it's PCs, but the next weak link in Internet security will be cell phones. With laptops, mobile phones and wireless access increasing, hackers will be harder to locate -- and stop


Portals face a WAP standards mess - Wed, 10 May 2000

Every combination of phone and portal creates a different result -- and many WAP sites fail to work at all, finds a new study

In Japan, i-Mode reigns supreme - Tue, 30 May 2000

Number of Japanese mobile phone users with Internet access will top 10 million by the end of May


WAP scrap causes flap - Thu, 04 May 2000

Patent dispute lands Phone.com and Geoworks in court

Toshiba is Geoworks' first WAP licensee - Wed, 23 Feb 2000

Geoworks WAP patent claim gets boost from Japan

WAP Forum blesses Geoworks WAP claim - Thu, 10 Feb 2000

Geoworks' patent on WAP has the industry guessing what it will mean to the standard

Geoworks to get rich on WAP licences - Thu, 20 Jan 2000

Clever Geoworks has its hand open for licencing fees on one of the hottest new technologies around

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