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Wi-Fi fears: UK schools ban wireless networks over health concerns

Claims of health impacts generally laughed off but UK government is investigating.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

Just when one thought the controversy had been laid to rest on whether Wi-Fi is dangerous to human health, two UK schools have banned wireless networks over health concerns, reports ZDNet UK

Last week, the U.K. Department of Health set up an inquiry into the potential dangers of Wi-Fi communications after two schools banned wireless networks from their premises over health fears. The most notable case was a classics teacher at the prestigious Stowe School in Buckinghamshire who said he had suffered "sudden flushes, pressure behind the eyes and burning sensations," from his school's Wi-Fi network.

"Any new technology will always be subjected to criticism as being dangerous initially. There is currently no conclusive evidence that Wi-Fi is a cause for health concerns. It seems to me quite dramatic to suddenly ban Wi-Fi," commented Carsten Sorensen, senior lecturer in information systems at the London School of Economics.

The ban at the schools and the impending inquiry prompted a flurry of comments on ZDNet UK's news blog. Most comments on the blog dismissed the concerns as overly dramatic, though one reader claimed that lab tests had found that Wi-Fi radiation affects animals.

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