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Will you marry me -- online?

The Internet will bring us together
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Arranged marriages are to make a comeback courtesy of the Net according to a report published Wednesday.

The Tomorrow project takes a look at how life will be in the year 2020 and predicts that more and more marriages will be done online. Internet dating agencies will increasingly rely on psychological profiling to provide a better fit between prospective partners, cutting the divorce rate the report claims.

Author of the report Dr Michael Moynagh believes the Internet has a very positive role to play in forging relationships. "There is a huge desire to connect with people and a desire to have close relationships but in the busy modern world it is often difficult. The Internet does that job well," he says.

Not all reports on sex and the Internet have been so positive. Research conducted at Stanford and Duquesne universities in March found that at least 200,000 US Internet users are hooked on porn and called for Internet sex addiction to be treated in the same way as drug or drink addiction.

There are plenty of sites cashing in on the potential of online relationships though. You can plan the big day online, send out cyber invites and choose your vows. At weweb.com you can even get have go the whole hog and get wed online simply by filling out a form and ticking a box agreeing to marry your partner. For added effect you can have even have The Wedding March piped through your PC. Who says romance is dead?

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