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Wired Brown Land winner revealed

Find out which entry to our competition won a copy of Wired Brown Land, the new book on Australia's telecommunications industry.
Written by Renai LeMay, Contributor

ZDNet.com.au's editorial staff has had quite an entertaining week reading the insightful and hilarious responses readers filed in an attempt to win a copy of former Optus executive Paul Fletcher's new book Wired Brown Land? Telstra's Battle for Broadband.

Wired Brown Land

(Credit: UNSW Press)

The competition received dozens of replies to the question "What will be the best use for the Federal Government's National Broadband Network?", and quite a few more comments discussing the relative merits of the entries.

For its subtle comment on the current limits of the Australian broadband market and its somewhat cyncial view of its future we have decided to award the book to the anonymous commenter who replied:

"Helping residential customers reach and exceed paltry bandwidth cap limits faster."

We have the anonymous commenter's contact details, and will be contacting them to arrange for delivery of the book; alternatively, if you posted that comment, please feel free to send your shipping address to renai.lemay@zdnet.com.au from the email address you used to post it.

A number of other responses very much amused our editorial team; from the suggestion the NBN would help us "see all of Kev07's media moments in new ultra-fast high definition streaming media", to the idea the NBN documents could be recycled into a "National ISP Users Guide".

With this in mind, we decided to award a runners-up prize of Ben Walker, for his comments that the NBN could best be used to "find out exactly how many rabbits were kept out when Nasi Goren built the Great Wall of China".

Ben will receive a Jabra BT 500 cordless Bluetooth headset for his efforts.

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