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ZDNet and 2bSURE.com provide Unified Messaging Service across Asia

A multi-million dollar partnership between ZDNet and 2bSURE.com provides users across the entire Asia regionwith Unified Messaging Service.
Written by Ariel , Contributor

A multi-million dollar partnership between ZDNet and 2bSURE.com provides users across the entire Asia region with Unified Messaging Service.
by Ariel Tam

SINGAPORE, 23 May 2000 - ZDNet today announced that it has signed a unified messaging service (UMS) partnership with 2bSURE.com, a Singapore-based communication solutions company.

The deal delivers a new co-branded UMS site, called 2bZD.com, to users in ZDNet sites across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Australia.

2bZD.com provides members with UMS, which combines access to voicemail, fax-mail and e-mail using the existing local toll-free numbers available at the 2bSURE.com local COMM centers.

It eliminates the need for time-consuming tasks such as waiting for faxes, dialing into voicemail and logging into various e-mail accounts.

All of these services are combined into a single, instant access point where visitors can receive, review and organize messages.

2bSURE.com also plans to introduce its premium services within the next month. These enhanced features include roaming capabilities, text-to-speech conversion technology which allows e-mail and faxes to be read aloud, and 'push fax', which is the capacity to print e-mail and faxes anywhere just by sending instructions on the phone.

Charges for these services are not fixed yet, but they are expected to cost about $4 - $5 per month for a bundled set of services.

"2bZD.com introduces a new level of Internet functionality tailor-made for today's hectic lifestyles," said Adam Power, vice president of ZDNet Asia Pacific."This service is an example of the innovative, convenient Web services ZDNet is introducing to its audiences on a global basis, allowing visitors to use the Internet as a time-saving tool that increases productivity."

"ZDNet attracts people who are opinion leaders and early adopters of technological innovations. We expect this multi million dollar partnership to bring our services to an estimated 500,000 users over the next two years," Jerry T. Wu, founder and CEO of 2bSURE.com said.

About 2bSURE.com
Founded in 1999, 2bSURE.com provides all-in-one messaging service for consumer and business Web users who need a single, cost-effective access point for their voicemail, e-mail and faxes.

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