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ZDNet UK staff abseil from former World Trade Centre

ZDNet staff took part in a charity abseil today from International House, ZDNet UK's head office, in aid of scholarships for Computercamp
Written by Eugene Lacey, Contributor and  Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

Tourists visiting the Tower of London had a new spectacle to look at today as staff of ZDNet UK abseiled from International House (the former World Trade Centre) in aid of Computercamp.

Leading from the front, ZDNet UK's chief exec, Shobhan Gajjar, made the first 'jump'. "It was scary, coming off the edge is the most difficult part, but once you get into the stride of things, it's fine. You just have to keep thinking about what you should be doing," said Gajjar.

The charity abseil is expected to raise several thousand pounds to provide funding for scholarships to send deserving children, chosen by ZDNet, to Computercamp in the UK this Summer. Two main sponsors, @Jakarta, the popular online games store, and Doubleclick, the Internet ad-banner specialists, are supporting ZDNet's Computercamp scholarship drive. ZDNet staff have raised additional funds through individual sponsorship.

Children selected by ZDNet will enjoy a week's residential course, held at several venues throughout the UK during the school summer holidays. Computercamp provides training and instruction for children who enjoy computing and using the Internet -- but it is not all programming and Web surfing. There are also sports activities and computer games.

Shobhan Gajjar said: "It's a tremendous cause. The money that we have raised will be enough to send 17 to 18 kids through Computercamp." GameSpot UK's (ZDNet's games channel) advertising director, Justine Shannon raised over £1,000 through her abseil. She said: "I was terrified! But once you go over the edge it's great fun. I would do it again for charity, but not for fun!"

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