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Kohler's Sprig Shower System showers you in calming scents

Combining aromatherapy and technology, Kohler is taking self-care seriously at CES 2023 with its Sprig Shower Infusion System.
Written by Christina Darby, Associate Editor
black shower head with Sprig Shower system from Kohler attached against a blue, tiled shower

Aromatherapy seems to be the "it" wellness trend right now, and Kohler's collaboration with Sprig just blew oil diffusers out of the water -- or maybe into the water. Kohler announced on Tuesday that at CES it'll be showcasing a sweet tech and wellness crossover: a shower infusion system that adds natural, calming scents to your shower. 

Not as complex as it sounds, Kohler's new "system" just consists of an attachable gadget that connects to a showerhead. While the gadget was designed with Kohler showerheads in mind, it's compatible with most other showerheads, so you can still trick out your non-Kohler shower with the Sprig. 

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showerhead with white Sprig Shower System attached and a pod inserted at the top.

Once the gadget and showerhead are connected, you insert a Sprig pod and the system will release a vitamin-infused, scented pod cocktail into the water. Kohler says the pods should run for "several minutes." 

Kohler describes the Sprig shower pods as clean and natural with premium, toxin-free ingredients. The Pods are available in both single and multi-use formats and are available in six scents, including eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile. 

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The system itself starts at $119, pods included, which could be reasonable if you see it as an in-home spa-like experience. Kohler says the system will be available to order starting in the first quarter of 2023. 

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