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Philips Hue outdoor connected lighting hits US, Europe this July

Philips Hue IoT-connected lighting will soon be available for the outdoors. Philips Hue Lily, Philips Hue Calla, and more will launch in July.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
Philips Hue outdoor range launches in July, and is available in both white, and white and color ambiance. (Image: Philips)

Philips on Monday announced its Philips Hue outdoor lineup will launch in the US and Europe in July. Like Philips' indoor lighting lineup, the outdoor IoT-connected lights can be controlled by your voice or Hue app once connected to Philips Hue bridges.

Philips' will offer three different types of lights in the outdoor Hue lineup, and they will be available in both the Philips Hue white and Philips Hue white and color ambiance ranges.

Photos: Philips Hue outdoor lighting lineup

Philips Hue Lily

A new unique spotlight, the Philips Hue Lily, can be used to highlight the key design features in your garden, illuminating beautiful flower beds, or potted plants by choosing from the 16 million colors available via the Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue Calla

Alternatively, the Philips Hue Calla is perfect for path lighting and can also be used to enhance your outdoor space. Simply choose a color which suits your mood, or even go one step further and change your lighting to reflect your guest's favorite color palette, dimming to create a more intimate setting as the night draws on.


A few of the outdoor luminaires are perfect for mounting near a front or back door, so your lights can welcome you and your visitors to your home. With the Philips Hue app, you can turn your outdoor lights on or off remotely or schedule them to automatically switch on at specific moments in the day.

To get you started, Philips will sell its outdoor spot Lily base unit pack for $279. The Calla bollard will retail for $129.99 as a base unit pack. The Philips Hue white range luminaries start at $29.99. Products in this range are named Lucca, Tuar, Turacom, Ludere (US only), and the PAR38 lamp (US only).

"While Philips Hue bulbs and luminaires are available for every area inside your home, we wanted to traverse the threshold and offer connected luminaires designed for outside areas," Sridhar Kumaraswamy, Business Leader Home Systems and Luminaires at Philips Lighting, said in a statement. "The Philips Hue outdoor range enables you to make the most of your outside areas, be it creating the ideal ambiance to host a BBQ at the weekend or beautifying your garden."

At CES 2018 in January, Philips said it's planning an update to its Hue app for iOS and Android with easier lighting controls. It didn't provide any further details on Monday.

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