For your smart office: Must-have gadgets and accessories (in pictures)

ZDNet takes a look at the most useful, intelligent, and interesting gadgets available no matter your officie environment.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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Logitech MX Ergo

Working at a desk during the day can place undue strain on your wrists, especially if you are in front of a screen. In a bid to minimize this problem, Logitech's MX ERGO wireless mouse could be a great addition to your office. The mouse's trackball has been positioned to reduce strain by up to 20 percent.

Price: $99.99

Via: Logitech US | UK

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DeX Pad

While on the go and in and out of the office, sometimes you may wish you could blow up your smartphone screen to read documents and view other content without the constant need to pinch and zoom.

The DeX pad could be a useful accessory for Samsung smartphone users as by connecting the mount to your device, the "DeX" mode then opens up your mobile screen on one large or multiple separate monitors. You can also connect up a mouse or keyboard, or use your device as a touchpad.

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Price: $TBD

Via: Samsung US

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Bluelounge Posto

Headphones or headsets suitable for web-based meetings and conferences are not uncommon in the modern office. However, having headsets and cables sprawled across your desk is not conducive to organization.

To keep things clear, you may consider the Bluelounge Posto headphone stand -- an affordable and potentially valuable desk accessory which can support any manner of headset.

Price: $19.95

Via: Bluelounge

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Nix digital photo frame

A modern upgrade to photo prints pinned on boards, users of the Nix digital photo frame -- available in various sizes -- can upload photo albums and galleries to display on demand with a range of effects. Nestled on a shelf or by the edge of your desk, this light and thin accessory can brighten up a workspace.

Price: $79.99+

Via: Amazon US | UK

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RAVPower charging pad

If you have devices on hand which support Qi charging technologies, the RAV charging pad could be a useful investment at work. The pad charges at 7.5W and caters for the majority of today's modern smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy models and the Apple iPhone.

Price: $35.99

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Moko 6-port USB hub

If you still need to rely on cables and USB ports to access content or charge your devices, sometimes there simply are not enough ports available for work. To combat this, a USB hub such as the Moko 6-port can make device organization and usage easier. In addition, this hub comes with a useful SD/TF card reader.

Price: $43.99

Via: Amazon US | UK alternative

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Anker PowerCore 10000

While at your desk, you have all you need in terms of power. However, work now often requires us to spend time away from the office but remain connected at the same time.

It can be a nightmare when your mobile devices run out of juice on the road, and so a portable but powerful and quick power bank, such as the Anker PowerCore 10000, can make sure you are never disconnected when you need to be available.

Price: $25.99

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Ember ceramic mug

The Ember ceramic mug may seem a strange addition to your desk, but when work is piling up and your drinks are constantly becoming cold and forgotten, a smart mug which is able to regulate and maintain your preferred temperature could become a must-have.

Price: $79.95

Via: Ember

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Erasable memo pad

When a call comes in and you need to scramble to find somewhere to jot down a name or telephone number, sometimes a simple pen-and-paper method is best. Rather than waste paper, however, this digital, erasable memo pad -- which includes a stylus pen -- is an affordable but valuable office accessory.

Price: $13.51

Via: Amazon US | UK

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MOS Magnetic Organizer

Inexpensive and of stylish design, the MOS magnetic organizer is a sleek cable tidy which magnetically keeps your cables in order. The product comes with adhesive strips and suction padding for use either on a desk or a wall.

Price: $14.95

Via: MOS | Amazon

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Yubikey is a small piece of hardware which streamlines the two-factor authentication (2FA) process. The device also supports one-time passwords and public encryption. The hardware token should be a feature of your desk as a means to improve the security of your accounts and your communication.

Price: $Varies

Via: Yubikey

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Lamicall tablet stand

Tablets and hybrid devices are excellent for remaining connected and staying productive on the move, but when you are stationary at your desk the thin form factor can be a disadvantage for using these devices comfortably.

Clip-on stands and accessories are a common way to combat this problem. One option to consider is the Lamicall tablet stand, a stylish and affordable stand which can be adjusted for a variety of tablet brands and sizes.

Price: $13.99

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Moleskine Smart Notebook

A modern version of the standard notepad, the Moleskine Smart Notebook is a way to transcribe drawings, work projects, and more, while your transcription is automatically converted into workable digital files and stored in the cloud.

Price: $32.95

Via: Moleskine

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Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

When the office environment is busy and you need to muffle the noise in order to work productively, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones is essential. While not on the cheapest side of the spectrum, the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 wireless headphones not only look great but cancel out external noise and have very good bass for the price point.

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Price: $199.99

Via: Plantronics US | Amazon UK

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If desk space comes at a premium and wires are a constant tripping hazard, the TUG may be a good investment to keep yourself -- and your devices -- safe from harm.

The adapter comes in where Apple's MagSafe left off by providing a magnetic connection to outlets which will quickly break away when accidental force such as a fall or tripping threatens a device's wires or plug.

Price: $19.95+

Via: Ilovehandles

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WD 4TB Elements portable hard drive

With so many of us taking work home and out of the office, a portable storage device, especially when large files are involved, can be of major benefit. The WD 4TB Elements portable hard drive, for example, is a small and light hard drive with more than enough storage.

Price: $99.99

Via: Amazon US | US

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Packed Pixels portable screens

Sometimes, simply one monitor is not enough to keep on top of emails, feeds, browsing, and other work-related tasks. When space is an issue, a Packed Pixels snap-on portable monitor extender -- compatible with most laptop sizes and thickness -- can provide you with additional screens.

Price: $Varies

Via: Packed Pixels

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