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Get a Halter height-adjustable standing desk for $150

Normally $250, this desk comes preassembled and allows you easily switch between sitting and standing positions.
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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Last month I shared a deal on a laptop table that could double as a standing desk. I heard from many folks who liked the idea but wanted something a little larger and/or more versatile.

Indeed, that particular stand had room for a laptop and not much more, and if you wanted to switch back to a seated position, you basically had to just take it off the desk.

Today, let's go pro: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon has the Halter ED-600 preassembled sit/stand desk for $149.99 shipped. It normally sells for $100 more, though it has seen occasional price dips (rarely this low, though).


Desk goes up, desk goes down. Desk goes up, desk goes down.


As you see in the photo, the ED-600 is large enough to accommodate two side-by-side monitors. It's really intended for desktop PCs, not laptops, though you could certainly make it work with the latter. Ultimately, the goal is to keep your keyboard at a comfortable typing level while elevating your monitor to a comfortable viewing level.

In that respect, this is actually better than a straight-up standing desk, which merely elevates the entire desk surface. Here you're getting multiple elevations.

Just as important, you can quickly lower the entire rig when you want to sit for a spell. Just squeeze two handles and gas-spring pistons let you adjust the desk to whatever height you want.

That said, according to at least a few Amazon reviews (which average out to 4.3 stars), you may need to give the desk a little boost on the way up, especially if you have a big monitor or an all-in-one up top.

Likewise, check the measurements and make sure this will accommodate the computer gear you already own.

It's nice to see products like this finally getting affordable. I'm a big believer in the benefits of standing while working, but I also want to sit from time to time. Spending $400 or more to accomplish that...um, no.

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