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LinkedIn's new feature helps job applicants stand out from the crowd - here's how

Really want that job? Now you can let the hirer know.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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If you have ever been on the job hunt, you know that no matter how many jobs you apply to or how in need you are of a job, there will always be some roles that stand out to you more than others. LinkedIn's new feature enables you to tell your dream job employer just that. 

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Four months ago, LinkedIn announced that it was releasing a "Top Choice" feature that would allow applicants to let hirers know that the role they are applying to is their "top choice," or the one they really want. 

This week, LinkedIn is finally rolling out its new feature to all LinkedIn Premium subscribers, moving out of its initial testing period, according to reports

LinkedIn "Top choice" feature
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"Premium subscribers who've applied to LinkedIn Job Posts using Top Choice Jobs are on average 43% more likely to receive a message back from a recruiter," said Ora Levit, Senior Director of Product Management at LinkedIn. 

To activate this feature, all applicants with LinkedIn Premium subscriptions have to do is toggle the checkmark that reads "Top Choice" underneath the "upload resume" option in LinkedIn's "Easy Apply." 

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Underneath the checkmark is a field for users to explain why that tole is their top choice that will be shared with the employer. 

In order to prevent users from simply hitting "Top Choice" for every application in hopes of standing out, LinkedIn does have a limit on how many times users can take advantage of the button, with a limit of three times a month. 

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