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Microsoft Forms survey app now available for personal use

Microsoft Forms, its app for creating surveys and quizzes using any browser on any device, isn't just for business and/or education customers anymore.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Forms is an app that allows people to create surveys or quizzes. Up until now, it's been for business and education users. On October 22, Microsoft announced that Forms is now available for personal use.

Microsoft is encouraging customers to think about using Form's tools and design suggestions to create surveys for activities like surveying friends to come up with a weekly running time; to coordinate holiday gatherings and/or host virtual trivia nights. It also could figure into learn-from-home plans, officials said. Forms can be used to analyze results of surveys and quizzes, as well by exporting data to Excel.

Forms for consumers is free for anyone with a Microsoft account. To unlock "premium" features, like an expanded number of respondents and more templates, users need to subscribe to either Microsoft 365 Personal or Family. It can e used with any web browser on any device.

For those trying to keep track of the ever-changing Microsoft product names, the product formerly known as Forms Pro is now known as Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and positioned as "an integrated feedback management solution to drive maningful relationships."

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