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This adjustable swivel chair is only $37

It has arms and everything! Plus: Your chance to win an iPhone X!
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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Can't speak to the comfort, but this chair looks like it costs way more than $37.


I remember the very first time I walked into an office-supply store in search of a desk chair. I'd call "sticker-shock" an understatement. I mean, $250? For a chair? Even the cheap ones cost upwards of $100. And don't get me started on Herman Miller.

I don't know about you, but I'm not made of chairs. Which is why I'm casting my bargain-hunting on eye on this deal: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Topeakmart Adjustable Swivel Computer Desk Chair with Arms is $36.79. That's after applying promo code JUT8385F at checkout.

Thankfully, this cheap chair doesn't look like a cheap chair. You know the kind I mean: small cushion, no padding, flimsy enough that a harsh glance would knock it over.

Instead, you get a roomy, substantial seat and a full-size mesh backrest (the better to let your back breathe).

Is it actually comfortable to sit on? That's a harder question to answer: The chair earned a 4-star rating from customers, but only 16 of them. (Thankfully, both Fakespot and ReviewMeta gave those grades passing grades.)

Of course, don't expect much in the way of features. Although the chair itself can raise and lower on a pneumatic tube, the arms are fixed-height -- and therefore probably won't be ideally positioned for every user.

But here's the thing: When faced with putting, say, a dozen chairs around a conference table, are you really going to spend $100, $250 or even $600 each? (I'm looking at you, Miller.) Or are you going to spend $37 each, replace as necessary, and put the rest of that money into marketing, new hires and the like?

Yeah, me too.

Giveaway! Over at TechRepublic, you've got a darn good chance to win an unlocked iPhone X -- and a TechRepublic swag-back to boot.

To enter, all you have to do is answer one simple question (there, not here -- though I guess you're welcome to answer it here as well. It just won't count as a contest entry): "What app/apps are on your 'must download' list when setting up a new smartphone?"

In case you're wondering, mine are Dashlane, Facebook, Kindle, and Overcast.

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