2006: The Year in Pictures

Here is a brief and random look at the tech industry year in review through the lens of my Nikon D70.
By Dan Farber, Inactive
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YouTube co-founders, now GooTubers, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen

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Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina published her book, Tough Choices, this year, and watched as new CEO Mark Hurd turned the company around and got caught up in a spying scandal

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HP CEO Mark Hurd continued to lead a stunning turnaround at the company, while the company's dysfunctional board spun out of control

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Yahoo executive Brad Garlinghouse was the author of the now famous Peanut Butter Manifesto, that offered a scathing critique of his company

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Now formerly of News Corp., Ross Levinsohn brought MySpace into the media giant

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Digg's Kevin Rose continues to lead the wisdom of the masses (sort of) news site and now is adding video and podcasting as categories

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2006 was another big year for salesforce.com, led by the software as a service pioneer Marc Benioff

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Oracle CEO continued on the road to Fusion in 2006, and continued to roll up more companies in his net

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Steve Jobs continues to outduel competitors with his iPod economy and his next conquest is to bring the Mac into the living room

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In 2006 Hector Ruiz of AMD and Michael Dell decided to do business, much to Intel's chagrin

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Shai Agassi, head of products and technology at SAP, continued his battle with Oracle in 2006, making progress toward the SOA promised land

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Bill Gates was very visible and accessible in 2006, pitching Vista, Live and that Google is not invulnerable, as well as speaking on behalf of his philanthropic foundation

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Al Gore was all over the map, including the D Conference, with a TV channel, book, movie and environmental and political opinions

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Sun's James Gosling, Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green plotting to turn Sun back into the powerhouse it once was

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Lilly at home posing for her annual picture

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Blog father Dave Winer, who may stop blogging in 2007

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TechCrunch's Mike Arrington continued to lead the charge in covering the Web 2.0 phenomenon

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Microsoft (Word, etc) legend and future astronaut Charles Simonyi and Martha Stewart a the D Conference

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Identity geeks and bloggers Doc Searls and Phil Windley

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Tech events aren't as extravagant as in past decades, but at some events a bit of entertainment is allowed

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Interesting people: Barak Berkowitz, Jean Louis Gassee, Joi Ito and Esther Dyson chatting at PC Forum

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MySQL CEO Marten Mickos peering into the future, looking for the big database in the sky

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2006 was the year of podcasting: Doc Searls with Podtech.net's John Furrier and Podshow's Steve Gillmor

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David Berlind leads as session at Mashup Camp, where loosely coupled things come together

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Nicholas Negroponte shows of a prototype of the $100 PC (not quite that cheap but getting there), which will be debut next year

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Regarding fighting Internet crime, Craiglist's Craig Newmark said this year: "I don't think I'm Batman," he said. "I'm more like McGruff the crime dog."

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A meetup of the Enterprise Irregulars and friends, a group of blogging and pontificating individuals interested in the future of enterprise computing

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Gabe Rivera, creator of the popular TechMeme (and other meme trackers like Ballbug)

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Intel CEO Paul Otellini had a tough year in 2006, but plans to big comeback in 2007

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Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie has a big year ahead, with Vista and Office 2007 launched and major expectations around on demand Web applications and competing with Google

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Life on the Pacific Ocean in southern California

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Walt Mossberg challenges Terry Semel over Yahoo's policy on doing business in China. For Yahoo, 2007 shapes up to be a reorganizing and refocusing year

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt saw the company's stock rocket past $500 and preached that you cannot fight the Internet...

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Alibaba CEO Jack Ma plans to take on Google search in China in 2007

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Food I would not eat at an technology conference

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Super blogger Robert Scoble went from Microsoft to Podtech.net with his HD camera and sets of questions

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Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom plans to launch a global broadband television service in 2007

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos turned his company's infrastructure services into a new business, the Elastic Compute Cloud, in 2006

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IAC Chairman Barry Diller and NYT Publisher Arthur Sulzberger do what all busy executives do--talk and read email at the same time

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People I often see at conferences: Mary Hodder (Dabble), Om Malik (Om) and Dave Sifry (Technorati)

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My friend Steven Levy, author of the Perfect Thing, a meditation on the iPod, in a store that just happened to be a good background for the picture

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A trio of SP execs: Leo Apotheker, Henning Kagermann and Shai Agassi

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Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla has added green tech to his portfolio, focusing on biofuels as a way to save the planet and make money

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Colin Powell spoke at the salesforce.com Dreamforce conference. For half the speech he was a comedian and then turned more serious about how 2006 wasn't necessarily a good year militarily

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Former blogging executive and AOL change agent Jason Calacanis, who will have a new gig in 2007, with Rafat Ali of the must-read paid.content.org
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Uber VC John Doerr and his friend Charlie Rose

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